30ml Clear Glass Bottle with Pump

  • $1.75 per unit $154.00 per case

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High performance pump with ability to dispense ticker formulas. The clear and frosted bottles give you an option to play with the end look of your product. Available in size 15 and 30ml.

Product Number: KIT030LQFCGP

Unit Price: $1.75

Units Per Case: 88

Capacity: 30ml / 1 oz

Sizes: 34mm (diameter) X 124.75mm (height)

Bottle Color: Clear

Bottle Material: Glass

Shoulder: ABS

Shoulder Color: Gloss Black

Actuator: PP

Actuator Color: Gloss Black

Visible Dip Tube Length: 62mm

Cap Liner: White PE

Over Cap: PETG

Over Cap Color: Gloss Black

KIT030LQFCGP - Technical Drawings

KIT030LQFCGP - Silk Screen Die Line

KIT030LQFCGP - Label with Overlap Die Line

KIT030LQFCGP - Label with Gap Die Line

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