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Are you passionate about creating your own beauty products at home? Or are you a new beauty and cosmetic brand just starting out and ready to start building your own product line for your small business? If so, you'll need the perfect empty containers to store your homemade beauty brand, personal care or bath and body products.

We're here to help you find the ideal cosmetic packaging container for either personal use or your beauty brand that aligns with your goals, your budget, and allows you to do as much as possible on your own without requiring large quantities or going big in production.

Whether your goals involve starting a DIY business or simply shopping for containers for personal use, choosing the right supplier for containers is essential. So, let's get started!

 Cosmetic Packaging within the States


Research Cosmetic Containers: Know the Difference

When searching for empty cosmetic containers near you and companies that ship in-stock packaging to you domestically, consider the following types of containers for your homemade beauty products and learn the difference between them. 

Make sure that the container you're using goes well with whatever formula or product type you're aiming for. Some containers may be more difficult to fill, seal, or label.

 Here's an overview:

  • Jars: Ideal for creams, moisturizers, and scrubs, jars come in various sizes and materials, including glass, plastic, and aluminum. Opt for airtight lids to keep your products fresh. Most jars are easy to fill, but make sure to verify the materials and composition of the jar to ensure compatibility with your formula. Incompatible jars could lead to leakage, especially with water-based formulas. If in doubt, contact the supplier for confirmation before committing to an order.
  • Bottles: Perfect for liquid products like serums, toners, and hair care items, bottles come in various materials and designs, including airless bottles and pump bottles. Keep in mind that most airless bottles cannot be disassembled once snapped together. You could also consider refillable bottles. If you're on a tight budget, you may opt for simple non-airless and traditional style bottles or blow molds.
  • Tubes: Lightweight and portable, tubes are great for products like lip balms, lotions, and gels. Look for tubes made from PE material, which is both durable and flexible. Most cosmetic tubes come open-ended on the opposite side of the cap, requiring sealing after filling. If you're just starting out, this may be challenging without proper equipment. You can explore local fillers that can seal tubes in small quantities, or invest in a sealing machine for at-home production. While the initial cost may be high, it is a one-time purchase. Alternatively, find a supplier that offers pre-sealed tubes, allowing you to fill your formula through the tube head or cap orifice without needing to seal them yourself.

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 Finding the Right Supplier for Empty Cosmetic Containers

To locate the best supplier for empty cosmetic containers near you, consider the following factors: 

  • Quality: Ensure the supplier offers high-quality containers that will protect and preserve your homemade beauty products.
  • Variety: Choose a supplier with a wide range of container options to suit your different products. Think about what your target customer is, and whether sustainability, natural formulations, and earth-friendly products would appeal to them.
  • Customization: Find a supplier that allows you to customize your containers, making it easy to create a unique look for your brand. You may also decide to add labels yourself by hand-applying them. Your packaging supplier may be able to help you find the best local label printer to meet your budget and deco goals.
  • Low MOQ & Quick Delivery: Opt for a supplier that offers low minimum order quantities and quick delivery times, so you can get started with your homemade beauty products or small indie beauty brands without any delay.

Finding the perfect empty jars and bottles for homemade beauty products is crucial for both the efficacy and presentation of your creations. On your search, prioritize suppliers that offer quality, variety, customization options, low MOQs, and quick delivery.

At Instockpack, we understand the importance of quick and efficient delivery for your packaging needs. That's why we're proud to ship all our in-stock products directly from our warehouse in Dallas, TX. With our strategic location and fast shipping process, you can expect us to ship your empty cosmetic containers in as little as 48 hours, making it easier than ever to start packaging your homemade beauty products ASAP. Choose Instockpack for a reliable, local supplier that gets your cosmetic packaging to you swiftly and seamlessly.

Sustainable and eco-friendly options are now available. 

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