Scaling up your Cosmetic Business: When to Consider Professional Filling Services

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When it comes to filling your tubes, bottles, and jars with your cosmetic or beauty solution, there are a few different options available to indie cosmetic and beauty packaging companies. As your cosmetic business begins to grow, it's time to consider having your bottles and tubes filled by a contract filler to save time and money.

A contract filler is a company that specializes in filling containers with liquid or semi-liquid products. They have the necessary filling machines and equipment to fill a wide variety of containers, including tubes, bottles, and jars. This is an ideal option for businesses that have a growing demand for their products and are looking to increase production volume. Contract fillers offer a cost-effective solution that can save time, money and labor costs.

Filling Cosmetic Lotion Tubes by Hand and Machine

On the other hand, for indie brands that have only ordered small quantities of packaging, hand filling may be a more cost-effective option. This method allows you to fill small quantities of packaging at home, avoiding the need to buy large quantities of packaging. However, it is important to have the right tools and equipment, such as a measuring cup, and a funnel and ensure to use a clean, sanitized work area, and to wear gloves to ensure that the product remains sterile.

When filling your products, it is important to pay attention to the volume, weight, and consistency of the product. It's also important to test your packaging, especially with airless bottles or traditional dip-tube pump bottles, with your solution to ensure that it works well and that there are no issues before making a large purchase. 

In conclusion, as your cosmetic business grows, it's important to consider the most cost-effective and efficient way of filling your tubes and bottles. A contract filler can save time, money and labor costs, while hand filling may be a more cost-effective option for small businesses and start-ups. Whatever method you choose, ensure to test your packaging with your solution to ensure that it works well before making a large purchase. Instockpack provides samples free of charge to help you with that.

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