Cosmetic Tubes & The Beauty Industry

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Cosmetic tubes come in a variety of sizes, materials, and cap options and provide a high-end cosmetic experience to help you promote your business.

What Cosmetic Tubes are Ideal for My Company?

Whether your brand's focus is hair care, skincare, or beauty, all cosmetic tubes vary by material, finish, head applicators, and container capacities. It’s important to determine what works best for your business needs. If your primary focus is aesthetics or achieving a high-end look, you may find that tubes with wood twist caps may attract consumers to your brand, offering a stylish earthy look. With the growing demand for sustainability and recyclability, you may be interested in discovering the advantages of sugarcane, and other eco-friendly materials.

Speed To Market – Get Your Tubes Fast!

Glossy White Sealed Tubes On Display

While there are not very many businesses that offer in-stock packaging solutions, the good news is they exist! At, for example – you can order as little as one case. We have very low MOQs (minimum order quantities) and we aim to ship all packaging within 48 hours! Instockpack has incredibly fast lead times because all products we sell are already in stock, so you won't have to endure the agony of waiting months for production and shipment. Stop waiting months to begin a new project!

Beauty Packaging and Sustainability

There is a growing interest or packaging products consisting of "green" materials such as cosmetic tubes made of sugarcane because they offer environmentally friendly solutions. You will find that some suppliers offer everything from partially recyclable, to fully recyclable materials such as eco-friendly tubes or 100% recyclable aluminum bottles. Packaging made of biodegradable materials may even work well with your formula. Instockpack offers a variety of options to help you find what works for your business needs.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable options are also available for other packaging, such as jars. Instockpack carries unique bio jars made of Sulapac material, the greatest alternative to plastics. Airless bottles also may offer the sustainable options that you're looking for.

Plastic-free Empty Jars - Sulapac Priced Right

Your Brand. Our Commitment.

Many may overlook the packaging industry, placing more focus on cosmetics and personal care. As trends emerge, businesses must trust their packaging partners to make their products and brands stand out against competition, which means it’s vital to select the best beauty packaging company. At Instockpack, we are dedicated to your success. Our packaging solutions have created numerous successful connections with well-known beauty companies and we have helped small indie brands get their foot on the ground to grow their business!

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