Skintellectuals: the emerging generation of informed buyers of cosmetic products

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They are leading the shift toward brand transparency because they are knowledgeable, powerful, and demanding.

If you are aware of what niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and salicylic acid do for the skin, you belong to a rising group of people known as "skintellectuals" These customers are leading a change towards more open information in the beauty business. They are knowledgeable and incredibly inquisitive.

Generation Z is well represented by consumers who are knowledgeable about formulations, the advantages of each ingredient, and the appropriate way to combine them.

They were the driving force behind the development of customized beauty regimes and ingredient search engines. As a result, brands are beginning to show more quantitative information on their product labels, drawing inspiration from nutrition fact tables on foods and beverages.

“These consumers, who are well-represented by generation Z, are knowledgeable about ingredients, the advantages of each item, and how to properly mix them.”

An important factor in this tendency is social media. Prominent "skinfluencers" offer in-depth reviews, examining not just ingredient lists, scientifically supported efficacy, and cost-efficiency, but also whether products have the proper packaging to safeguard formulae from contamination and oxidation. As a result, in a movement known as "radical transparency," firms are modifying their product claims, staying away from generalizations, and choosing more precise data like the Vitamin C %.

According to a recent Mintel poll conducted in the US, 40% of consumers believe that businesses need to do a better job of disclosing the substances they use and why. A trend that appears to go beyond formulations claims that women in particular are paying more attention to the list of ingredients than they did a year ago.

Customers desire goods that meet both their demands for skin care and their ethical standards, such as formulae that are vegan and free of animal testing or packaging made of biodegradable materials


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